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Board of Trustees

Islamic Center of Jersey City


Board of Trustees:


The Board of Trustees is the highest authority in the Center representing the General Assembly.


The Board of Trustees may recommend the qualification or disqualification for any members who seek election to hold office.


The Board of Trustees will act to form arbitration committee to settle any disputes. The arbitration committee's decision will be final.


The Board of Trustees will outline the General policies of the Center consultation of the General Assembly.


The Board of Trustees shall nominate an independant accountant to audit the accounts of the Center. The auditing body will report directly to the Board of Trustees. All the members of the Executive Board shall be responsible to furnish the necessary cooperation required for auditing activities.


The Board of Trustees shall discuss the annual target budget with the General Assembly


The Board of Trustees shall organize the annual meeting of the General Assembly.


The Board of Trustees shall form an Election Committee to organize and outline the procedure for the elections.


The Board shall consist of no less than seven members including the Imam. Members other than the Imam shall be elected by the General Assembly.


A candidate who seeks election as a Board member shall be:


(a)             highly reputable and knowledgeable;


(b)             working in the Islamic field for at least five years;


(c)             registered as a full member for a period of no less than six months; over twenty-five years of age; and


(d)             a permanent resident in the United States.


Upon election of the Board of Trustees, the Board of Trustees, the Board members shall select members of their own to act as Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary General, and Treasurer.


The term of the Board of Trustees shall be three years.


The Board of Trustees shall assume its responsibilities as outlined in the Center’s By-Laws.


President:   Ahmed Shedeed
Phone Number: (201) 725-7323
Vice President and Director:   Osama Hassan
Phone Number: (201) 697-9927
E-Mail Address:
Treasurer and Head of Executive Committee: Ashraf Eisa
Phone Number: (201) 892-8951
E-Mail Address:
General Secretary: Rasheed Safry
Phone Number: (201) 467-1469
E-Mail Address:
Member and Head of Outreach Committee: Ali Blake
Phone Number: (201) 434-1111
Member: Ahmed Maher (Abu-Islam)
Phone Number: (201) 736-1281

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